Bondee Properties is a real estate investment and development company, dedicated to developing exceptional residential and commercial properties. We proudly stand behind the quality of the places we create, our integrity and the high standards we follow as a developer. With every one of our real estate projects, we go above and beyond to deliver a top notch product that provides users with everything they need in a property and more.

Bondee Properties is a family owned and operated partnership. Our success as a company is a result of the diverse skill set of each partner, a hands on approach with every project and a firm belief in doing things the right way.


Ronald J. Bonelli, Managing Partner


Ronald J. Bonelli is Managing Partner of The Bondee Group, a privately held group of family-owned Whitestone, NY, companies comprised of Bondee Properties, Cristom Construction and Ranshaw Fuel, Plumbing and Heating. Ron joined the family business in 1999 after garnering more than 20 years of experience in both private industry and public accounting at major U.S. companies. Ron holds a B.S. in accounting from St. John’s University and is a CPA in both New York and Connecticut.

Thomas DeVito, Managing Partner

Thomas DeVito is President of Cristom Construction, one of three family-owned businesses that comprise the Bondee Group. Tom began Cristom Construction in 1997 after 15 years of construction experience and mentoring from his grandfather, at his construction firm, who taught him the value of doing things right – and building something to last. The formation of Cristom Construction occurred at the time his grandfather retired and it allowed Tom to pursue larger commercial and industrial projects and act as general contractor on development sites for Bondee Properties.

Rick Bonelli, Managing Partner

Rick Bonelli is President of Ranshaw Fuel, Plumbing and Heating, one of three family-owned businesses that comprise the Bondee Group. Originally established in 1960 by his father, Ranshaw is a leading New York City Fuel Oil, Plumbing and Heating Company. Rick holds a B.S. in business from St. John’s University, is a New York City Master Plumber and Board member of the New York City Master Plumbers Council.


“Professionalism, integrity and trust are the words that come to mind when I think of Bondee. I know they care about my business and don’t view me as ‘just’ a tenant. If only every landlord was like them…”

Michael Hoover Franchisee
Five Guys Burgers & Fries

“These are true ‘boots on the ground’ developers who are keyed into not just the overall project but the smaller details as well. As the architect on the Arista 35 building in Astoria, Queens, I can honestly say that it’s a pleasure working with them and we have a great mutual respect. It truly is rare for a developer to understand the architect and builder’s perspective so well.”

Christopher T. Menziuso RA, AIA, NCARB
Grasso-Menziuso Architects, PC

“As a condominium owner, as well as a founding (former) Board member, at Arista 35 in Astoria, Queens, I can attest that Bondee delivered more than they promised.  The process of purchasing went smoothly and was a much more positive experience than I ever expected. Further, the building was constructed with an extreme attention to detail, which has since given me the confidence to own the unit for a long time to come. They also own the management company and remained onsite assuring that everything was handled right down to the smallest detail.  Our Board meetings were really social gatherings since there was so little to address regarding the building.”

Kevin Marbury Board Member
Arista 35 Condominiums

“Working with the Bondee Group is quite a unique experience. They have been making my job easier for twenty years since they are always accessible and have rapid response times. They know how to troubleshoot and find solutions when issues occur. I appreciate their professionalism.”

Bob Mozilo Elite Management, Inc.

“As a first time homebuyer back in 2010, I was surprised to meet the builder of Arista 35 at the closing. Ron was so personable and helpful with all of questions I had. Now that I have been President of the Board for five years, I can attest to the fact that Bondee Properties is extremely responsive, whether by phone or by email- and quite reasonable when it comes to requests and recommendations the Board makes during our quarterly meetings.”

Christian Errico Board President
Arista 35 Condominiums

“I appreciate working with Bondee Properties since they are loyal, sincere ‘straight shooters’ who do what they say they will do. When commercial and retail tenants remain at a property for five years or more, it’s proof that they are good landlords. I also had the pleasure of representing Arista 35 when the units were originally sold. Even though it was an extremely tough market because of the recession, the units sold out because prospective owners could see the quality and care that was put into what they were planning to purchase.”

Steven Sokolof Associate Broker
Metropolis Realty